Highlights of heading inland towards the Massif Central

Camping a la Ferme

We came upon this lovely campsite near St Saud between Le Rochefoucault and St Yrieix. It was so good we stayed two nights. Out of season we had the place to ourselves and there was a cabin to sit inside in the evenings cooking a rabbit we bought from the farmer over our Trangia stove. There were several fishing ponds, in one we saw a "Ragondin" (coypu or nutria) swimming around and eating the bull rushes. We walked through the woods to St Saud to buy bread and there was a friendly donkey who would come and bray at us each morning.

Sound good? Their phone No. is 05 53 56 97 46, address is Maisonneuve, 24470 St Saud. Open all year.


Bike race

We were stopped by a Gendarme as we entered the village of Arnac-Pompadour, because the main road through was being cleared for an approaching bike race. Most of the village had turned out to line the street expectantly waiting. First came Gendarmes on motor bike, then team cars in bright colours with bikes stacked across the roof. Then a group of about ten riders shot past. Then there was a gap, more Gendarmes, more team cars and then the peleton. It was quite something, about fifty riders packed tightly together, more like a swarm of wasps than a group of cyclists. Again they were gone in a few seconds (I was too slow with the camera to get a good picture). Finally more team cars passed and it was over.

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