England / Wales, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia

13th March - 10th July 2005, Homecoming

Australia   Wildlife photos

17th - 22nd Dec, Sydney to Rylstone



12th - 16th December, Singapore to Sydney

Malaysia Cycling and detailed route info   Wildlife photos

26th Nov - 11th Dec, Taman Negara to Singapore

17th - 25th Nov, Cameron Highlands to Taman Negara

7th - 16th Nov, Penang to Cameron Highlands

24th Sept - 6th Nov, Penang


Thailand Cycling and detailed route info   Wildlife photos

21st Aug - 2nd Sept, Chumpon to Krabi

6th - 20th August, Hua Hin to Chumpon

28th July - 5th Aug, Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin

12th - 27th July, Sukhothai to Kanchanaburi

26th June - 11th July, Nong Khai to Sukhothai

11th - 25th June, Bankok, Koh Tao and Khao Sok

Laos Cycling and detailed route info   Wildlife photos

4th - 10th June, Vientiane and Nong Khai

23rd May - 3rd June, Luang Prabang to Vientiane

19th - 22nd May, Luang Prabang

8th - 19th May, Boten to Luang Prabang

China Cycling and detailed route info   Wildlife photos

22nd April - 7th May, Mojiang to Mohan

9th - 21st April, Dali to Mojiang

21st March - 2nd April, Zhongdian to Dali

5th - 20th March, Litang to Zhongdian

21st Feb - 1st March, Kangding to Litang

13th - 20th Feb, Emei Shan to Kangding

2nd - 12th Feb, Qingcheng Shan via Leshan to Emei Shan

22nd Jan - 1st Feb, Songpan to Qingcheng Shan and Chengdu

4th - 21st Jan, Xi'an via Jiuzhai Gou to Songpan

29th Dec - 3rd Jan 2004, Hong Kong

20th - 28th Dec, Yangshuo, near Guilin, Guanxi

11th - 16th Dec, The Yellow River to Xi'an

26th Nov - 11th Dec, Wutai Shan to the Yellow River

14th - 25th, Jining to Wutai Shan

9th - 12th Nov, Beijing

30th Oct - 6th Nov, Erlian to Jining, Inner Mongolia


Mongolia Cycling and detailed route info   Wildlife photos

20th - 29th Oct, Sainshand to Zaymn Uud

14th - 18th Oct, Choyr to Sainshand

7th - 13th Oct, Ulaan Baatar to Choyr

28th Sept - 6th Oct, Ulaan Baatar and Terelj

19th - 27th September, Kyakhta to Ulaan Baatar

Russia Cycling and detailed route info   Wildlife photos

13th - 18th September, Ulan Ude to Kyakhta

31st August - 13th Sept, Irkutsk to Ulan Ude

24th - 30th August, Abaza to Irkutsk

14th - 23rd August, Chadan to Abaza

30th July - 13th August, Kosh Agach to Chadan

18th - 29th July, Gorno Altaisk to Kosh Agach, the Chusky Tract

10th - 17th July, Novosibirsk to Gorno Altaisk

3rd - 9th July, Novosibirsk

24th June - 2nd July, Omsk to Novosibirsk

10th - 23rd June, Kamensk Uralski to Omsk

28th May - 8th June, Across the Urals, Asha to Kamensk Uralski

20th - 27th May, Ufa and Asha

Ukraine Cycling and route info   Wildlife photos

9th - 17th May, Dnepropetrovsk

1st - 9th May, Cherkassy to Dnepropetrovsk

27th - 30th April, Uman to Cherkassy

17th - 26th April, Romanian border to Uman


Romania Cycling and route info   Wildlife photos

2nd - 17th April, Sinaia to Siret

31st March - 1st April, Hiking in the Carpathians

26th - 30th March, Giurgiu to Sinaia

18th - 25th March, Giurgiu and Bucharest

Bulgaria Cycling and route info   Wildlife photos

6th - 18th March Across Bulgaria, Svelingrad to Ruse

Greece Cycling and route info   Wildlife photos

Feb 27th - 6th March Kavala to the border

Feb 18th - 23rd Thessaloniki to Kavala

Feb 11th - 16th, Meteora to Thessaloniki

Feb 9th & 10th, Meteora

Jan 28th - Feb 8th, Mycenae to Meteora

Jan 17th - 27th, Mycenae and Athens

Jan 3rd - 16th, Igoumenitsa to Mycenae

Dec 20th - Jan 2nd, Corfu

Italy Cycling and route info   Wildlife photos

Dec 7th - 12th, Rome

Nov 20th - Dec 19th, Pozilli

Nov 10th - 19th, Abruzzo

Oct 27th - Nov 9th, Tuscany

Oct 18th - 26th, Piedmonte

France  Wildlife photos

Oct 17th and 18th, Crossing the Alps by the Col de Agnel

Oct 12th - 16th, Rhone valley and Haute Provence

Oct 10th and 11th, Ardeche Gorge

Oct 7th - 10th, Richard Burton and weather

Oct 1st - 4th, Massif Central, Pas de Peyrol

Heading inland towards the Massif Central

Sept 13th - 20th, Atlantic Coast

Sept 5th - 12th Nantes - Brest canal

England / Wales

Sept 1st - 2nd, Moreleigh to Plymouth

August 20th - 31st, Yate to Moreleigh

August 1st - 9th, Wappley Hill Fort to Yate

July 19th - 31st, Skelmersdale to Wappley Hill Fort


There is also a timeline of when we were where.