Hong Kong

29th December 2003 - 3rd January 2004

Hong Kong is a pretty amazing city, the buildings are so tall, the streets are crowded with so many people, and yet the transport systems are excellent and within half an hour you can be out of the city, on an island or amongst lush tropical vegetation. Not being city creatures we stayed on Lantan Island where we spent a very pleasant day off sitting on the beach and exploring some of the pathways.

On Hong Kong Island we met up with Antony Tam-Morris, brother of a good friend of ours, who had kindly agreed to take delivery of a parcel of bike spares and guidebooks. The family took us for a walk around the Peak and we marvelled at the tropical vegetation.

In Kowloon we visited Angus Hardern who had been following our adventures via the internet. He is a silk merchant and very kindly gave us some lightweight silk to replace our worn out sleeping bag liners.

When we returned to Lantan Island it was dark so we got a good view of the neon lights from the ferry.

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