Malaysian Flora and Fauna

We were in Malaysia from the 24th September to the 8th of December 2004.


Monitor lizard seen in Taiping park:

Small lizard seen on the road:

Bee nest 1m high:

Cameron Highlands spiders:

Juicy caterpillar:

Cameron Highlands flowers:

Pitcher plants, on the left a Macfarlenes Pitcher, on the right a Black Pitcher:

Rhinocerous beetle, Chalcosoma atlas, seen in the Butterfly Farm, Cameron Highlands

Other Cameron Highlands beetles and bugs:

Monstrous bee:

Butterflies and moths seen in Taman Negara:

15cm long cave dwelling toad, seen in Pengkalan Gua, Taman Negara:

And bats in the same cave:

Fungi seen in Taman Negara:

Butterflies seen on Pulau Tiomen:

Butterflies feast on a fallen mango.

A monitor lizard and its tracks, Pulau Tiomen:

Crabs on Pulau Tiomen:

Hermit crab comes out

Hermit crab hides away

Animated leaf-eating minature mops seen on Pulau Tiomen. They must be insect lavae but we've never seen anything like them:


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