Dec 20th 2002 - January 2nd 2003

We met up with Ju's sister Andrea and her partner Laura in an appartment in Kassiopi, Corfu, for Christmas and New Year.

These pictures are probably only of interest to our relatives!

Ju finds a hermit crab:

Greek carol singers:

The four of us above Ato Perithia:

We stayed at an appartment in Kassiopi, owned by Diana Maneesi. Kassiopi was very quiet, the weather was good most days and we did a lot of walks in the hills and around the coast.

Diana is originally from Dublin. We enjoyed the hospitality of a combined Irish-Greek christmas meal with her family as well as a walk with her friends. One of these friends Hillary is doing great things for walkers coming to Corfu. She has waymarked a trail the length of the island and is in the process of updating her walking guide book. Diana says that February through to May is a great time for walking in Corfu. She has a copy of the walks book for her visitors and can be contacted at .

Sand castles with a difference:

Ju's giant foot!
Entombed mermaid

But the sun didn't shine all the time, here is Corfu town from the top of the Old Fortress as a thunderstorm approaches:

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